1.What if I cannot open the site on my browser?
In order to ensure the security of user transactions, the decentralized transaction services of Star Bit are only available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Restore from seed phrase Install Google Chrome
Install Mozilla Firefox
2.Reveal MetaMask seed words
This situation applies when a user can login to his MetaMask but hopes to recover his seed phase. 1. Open MetaMask and click on the collapsible menu on the upper right corner. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Choose “Reveal Seed Words”. 4. Enter your password and click on OK. 5. Now you can reveal your seed words, and remember to keep them safe and secret!
3.Why can’t I use ETH directly in transactions? 
You must authorize the ETH in your wallet to continue with your transactions (Learn more: Why do I have to authorize and convert Ethereum (ETH) to WETH?)
  1) Enter your Star Bit exchange home page
  2) Click on the Wallet on the left column and select “Convert to WETH” below the ETH option.
  3) Confirm the quantity of WETH you desire and click on SEND.
  4) Your MetaMask wallet will ask you to check and confirm the transaction details. When you click on “Submit”, the conversion will be executed automatically and you can check your balance at your wallet page.
4. What is an ERC20_Token? Why can I accept and send ERC20_Token via my Ethereum address?
  Among all Ethereum Smart Contracts (also known as Smart Contract) currently in operation, the most typical application is the Token system that derives from the contract systems.
  ERC20 Token means any and all tokens developed under the ETH ERC20 Token Standard. ERC20 unifies and standardizes many important parameters of tokens, so that tokens of different types can be accepted and sent directly via the Ethereum address. This has significantly improved the transaction convenience and facilitated the development and promotion of the entire Ethereum blockchain system.
  The ERC20 tokens held by users are in fact a group of values stored in the Smart Contract, and all contracts are recorded in the Ethereum blockchain and updated from time to time. We can image a real contract that records how many tokens are stored at which Ethereum address. All ERC20 Tokens can be used in a general Ethereum wallet.
  ERC20 also simplifies the underlying mechanism of many cryptocurrencies and the transaction, and therefore it reduces the resources required and simplifies the process of issuing a new cryptocurrency. According to Etherscan, there has been over 47,000 types of ERC20 Tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain.
5.Does my order has a validity period?
  Yes. Every time you place an order, the system will work out a validity period for the order. If the order remains open when the validity period expires, the order will be closed and can no longer be matched. In this way, the validity period protects the benefits of all users. According to our settings, the validity period of an order will be 30 days. In the future, we will provide you with more diverse and flexible options.
6.Why do I have to pay GAS to cancel an order?
  Because according to the 0x protocol, the order ledger is shared among different exchanges, your order may be shared to all exchanges of the world that has been developed on the 0x protocol. As such, the cancellation of an order requires changing the status of such order and submitting new requests to the blockchain. We highly value the security of your assets and hope to protect you from possible problems since your order remains at other exchanges even after you have cancelled it.