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STAR BIT's Third Wave for Extra SBT!

STAR BIT officially ended the “STAR BIT EX’s Trading Volume Competition” event at 0:00 a.m. (UTC+8) on Aug 13th. The winners list has been posted on the event page.


The First Decentralized Exchange in Asia



STAR BIT provides high convenience and excellent user experience compatible with conventional centralized exchanges, while ensuring the high-level security and privacy protection in its decentralized trades. Users are allowed to launch trades on our platform by using local wallets such as MetaMask or hardware wallets such as Ledger Wallet. This design ensures that only users are able to access the private key of their own wallet. It also means that users literally have full control over their cryptocurrency. Everything we did is to give our users a trustworthy, fast and secure cryptocurrency investing experience.


Asset Security

STAR BIT decentralized exchanges are based on innate architectural advantages that allow users to use their own wallets for transactions. We use orders signed by users in conjunction with 0x smart contracts to decentralize transactions, significantly reducing the loss of tokens. risk.


Order Liquidity

Exchanges built on 0x protocol can interactive orders’ information with other DAPPs through standardized Relayer API. As the number of users increases, the network effect will provide sufficient liquidity for all of orders.


Token Supported

STAR BIT currently supports all tokens developed under the ETH ERC20 Token Standard. With the future release of 0x Protocol v2 updates, more types of tokens will be supported in the near future.

Service Items

Decentralized Exchange in Asia・

・1st Decentralized Exchange in Asia・

The first decentralized exchange (DEX) in Asia using Ethereum smart contract - 0x protocol, the designed protocol for ERC-20 tokens. DEX doesn’t require KYC (Know-Your-Customer) so the privacy information is secured. Also, by sharing the orders with other teams who are also based on 0x protocol, the turnover rate will raise.

・Blockchain STAR・

Blockchain STAR project aims to build a main-chain to integrate all kinds of industries such as charity donation, raw material industry, games, IoT, and many more. At the same time, we will promote cooperation among companies, government, and academics and establish a comprehensive ecosystem centered on STAR BIT.

・Assistance for ICO・

STAR BIT provides customize ICO services such as technical support, marketing strategy, and regulation advisory. Even further, the token launched from our clients will have the priority to be added onto STAR BIT exchange. As the result, our clients will have more exposure opportunity.

・STAR BIT Global Union・

STAR BIT provides free technical transfer to anyone wants to found a decentralized exchange. Also, we assemble teams using 0x protocol around the world. Under this condition, our union members can share orders in shared order-pool. It means any tokens being added onto STAR BIT exchange are simultaneously being added onto all the exchanges in the union. Through this way, the expansion speed of international market will be much faster.

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